DON’T Fall In Love With This Rescued Kitty. Just Don’t Do It!

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When this little kitten was brought in by rescuers, the doctors at Vet Ranch didn’t think she was going to make it. One of her back feet was completely crushed, one of her front feet didn’t work and she couldn’t stand up at all. The vets did what they could for her though. In the end they had to remove her back foot.

What’s so heartwarming is that about four minutes in, you get to see this beautiful little kitty not only stand u, but run and play! Thanks to the TLC she received she has a whole new chance at life. She’s fluffy, happy and grateful. Not only will she live, she got a new furever home thanks to her rescuers! It’s enough to make me cry tears of joy for her bravery, and the bravery of the vets who saved her.

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