Donkey And Pony Are Adopted By A Family Of… Goats!

Being adopted is the best feeling in the world. Just ask your pets. Everyone needs a family! And thankfully, families come in many different “shapes and sizes.” Some families are made up of animals and people living in perfect harmony. Others are made up of goats. Yup. I said it. Goats! LOL!

Family isn’t just about sharing DNA. It’s about the love we feel for each other. That’s why some of our closest human and animal friends are just as much family as our biological family is. My dogs and cat are just as much my “kids” as my biological kids are. You can judge all you want but it’s how I feel in my heart. When we are all together, my kids, my pets and my partner, is when I truly feel complete. Do you get what I mean?

Now, watch a video about a donkey and a pony who were taken in by humans and a family of goats… and they couldn’t be happier! See, they get it. This family knows that family is about the bond and not just about the blood!

Tell us about your adopted family. Are there cats and dogs in your pack? How ’bout other furry friends? What makes up a family in your household?

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Julie Hunt Julie resides in Northern New Jersey with her two kids, two dogs, cat and partner. She has two published books which make excellent trivets if you aren't a fan of poetry. She tolerates people but LOVES animals. If she isn't blogging, she's most likely cuddling with her pups, Paisley and Skyler.
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