When She Turned Around To Say Goodbye, She Knew She Couldn’t Leave Those Cute Faces Behind

This adorable donkey, named Angus, acts more like a puppy than a donkey. Ever since he was rescued, he has enjoyed life with his human, and he isn’t afraid to show it! He’s the most affectionate donkey you’ll ever see! He is constantly giving his human kisses and cuddles and never wants to leave her side. He also never leaves the side of his horse best friend, Braveheart.

Instagram: @big_orangecat

Instagram: @big_orangecat

Their human adopted them together from Oasis Animal Sanctuary in Franklinville, New Jersey. She went to the sanctuary to visit the animals, and when she was walking to her car, she turned around to say goodbye. Braveheart and Angus were standing at the fence line staring at her with the sweetest look on their faces. She cried and in that moment knew she couldn’t leave without them. So, she went back and filled out an adoption application. Three years later, they are living a great life together!

You can follow along on their adventures on their Instagram page. Watch them in the video below:

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