She Was Matted 3 Layers Deep And Living On The Streets. When You See Her Transformation, Jaw Dropping!

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Hope For Paws is an animal rescue organization that saves abandoned animals and finds them homes. This video is of one of their recent rescues and it’s truly heartwarming! HFP was informed of a severely matted homeless Poodle living on the streets in Los Angeles, and of course they didn’t hesitate to help! She was in horrible condition and her fur was matted so bad that they couldn’t even tell if she was male or female. She was terrified and would growl at the rescuers when they tried to approach her. After some time, they gained her trust and she allowed them to pet her. They decided to name her Dolly. Her transformation that unfolds is amazing!

First, they took Dolly to get groomed. The amount of fur that they shaved off was unbelievable! Then they gave her a bath. She was already looking like a brand new dog! You can tell how much happier she felt. Now she looks so fluffy and adorable with her new haircut! Not long after, The Forgotten Dog Foundation found her a furever home! Look at her run around and play with her new doggy pal! I am beyond ecstatic that Dolly was rescued and can now enjoy her new life!

Rescue Kitten Is Now Beloved Sailor Cat: Click “Next” below!

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