A Woman Saw A Horse In Horrible Condition. Then, She Spent Just $50 To Save Her Life…

Kimberly Lewis had dreamed of owning a horse since she was a young child. One day her dream finally came true when her husband told her he would buy her any horse she wanted as a gift. Lewis spent the day looking at horses, but she claimed she didn’t feel a connection towards any of them. She reluctantly decided to call it a day and the two headed home. It was on the drive home that Lewis noticed a horse in a field of the local animal shelter. It was definitely not the majestic animal she had dreamed of, but she knew that it was the one for her. Despite being in horrible shape, Lewis knew the potential the mare had.

featured dolly

“She was a heartbreaking sight,” Lewis said. “Total skin and bones, hair matted, hooves overgrown.”


The horse had come to the shelter after enduring a sad, lonely and abusive life. It weighed a mere unhealthy 812 pounds and her empty eyes told the story of sadness. Lewis immediately fell in love with the horse and knew that she was only person that could give the horse the life it deserved. However, Lewis was told that there was a possibility that the horse would never recover from her horrific past and would never be able to be ridden. Lewis was willing to take that chance.


“All I knew was she deserves a chance to be a horse,” she said.

In May of 2015, Lewis paid a meager fifty dollars and was able to take the horse home. She named her new family member Dolly, and the duo immediately began to bond.


It has been a year since that fateful day that Lewis first laid her eyes upon Dolly. The horse is almost unrecognizable. She is now at a healthy weight and has developed a sweet personality.


“The biggest change is her eyes and her personality,” Lewis said. “As corny as it sounds, we rescued each other. I am constantly learning from her, becoming a better person because of her.”

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