“Dog Whispering” Police Officer Becomes Viral Star After Rescuing Local Dogs

One Massachusetts police officer is making a name for himself as a “dog whisperer” after discovering his uncanny ability for rescuing dogs and getting stray dogs to trust him. It all started when Taunton police officer Evan Lavigne responded to a call of a dog wandering a neighborhood. Once Lavigne arrived on the scene, he discovered a pit bull. After some coaxing, Lavigne was able to get the dog calmly into his patrol car. The police department posted about the call and shared a selfie of the new friends. It looks the dog was right at home in that patrol car!

After the selfie, Lavigne let animal control take the dog and they were able to track down the dog’s owners.

That wasn’t the last time Lavigne would help rescue a dog of the streets. Another call of a loose dog put Lavigne in the dog whispering position again as he found yet another wandering dog. Again, Lavigne was able to get the dog calmly into his patrol car!

These dogs just keep demanding selfies! And it seems as if Lavigne’s skills have made him into a sort of viral Internet star. His story has been picked up by several media outlets, like this footage from CBSBoston.

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