Five tips for better dog photography from Dogster

Our friends at Dogster recently posted a roundup of great suggestions for something that’s near and dear to all dog owners: taking pictures of your dog! Here is rundown of the post, which features simple but crucial tips from Dallas-based photographer Teresa Berg for taking top-notch pictures of your pup. See all of Berg’s professional pet photographs here.

1.  You want the light to fall on the dog’s face.

2.  “Declutter the background,” Berg says.

3.  “Get down on the dog’s eye level,” Berg says. “People bend over maybe six inches and expect the dog to look into the camera, and the dog doesn’t always do that.”

4.  “Good posture with their ears up,” Berg says. “I always make it a point to have a dog sitting up with their ears up.”

5.  “Make sure the dog is making eye contact with the camera.”

For the complete post with Berg’s pictures and more suggestions, go here.

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