He Was Asked To Dog-Sit While They Went Away, Then He Went Above And Beyond In Hilarious Fashion

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This man took dog-sitting to the next level, an extremely adorable and heart-warming level! Many times when people dog-sit, they just feed the dog when needed, let him or her out to potty, give them a few treats, and call it a day. However, this dog-sitter went above and beyond and made us all smile in the process.

Credit: James Liakos

Credit: James Liakos

He took such amazing care of the dog and even made a little video to show us the adventure they had together while the pup’s owners were away. This adorable Whippet is full of so much energy and it’s very obvious that he loves his dog-sitter. From going on walks, to playing frisbee, to snuggling in bed, these two really enjoy each other’s company! I wish I had a dog-sitter like this!

I’m sure the owners don’t have a a worry in the world, knowing their best friend will be in great hands. I think this dog-sitter deserves a raise

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