Ever Wonder Why Dogs Make a Mess When They Drink? The Answer Is Here!

Dogs are very sloppy drinkers! Heck, if you aren’t careful around a water bowl you might just slip and fall! But, did you know that there is a reason behind their sloppy (although adorably cute) way of drinking? The NY Times reported on research originally done by scientists Sungwhan Jung and Sean Gart at Virgina Tech.

1) Dogs drink messily because their tongue actually pulls up the water with 8 times the force of gravity! That’s 8 G’s of force!

shutterstock_226817329 (1)

2) Dogs slam their tongues down and pull them back with a ton of force! This enables optimal water intake (as well as the mess).


3) Is there any relevance to this research? Not really! According to the scientists this is just “fun science”!


See the Video!

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