Dad Decorates Dog’s ‘Lookout Hole’ In The Fence With Funny Posters

We’ve all had one heck of a year – and it’s not over yet. Many of us have been spending lots of time indoors – so much more than we normally would. But in the time that we’ve been in quarantine, some of us have come up with new ways of keeping ourselves occupied. Some have taken up baking sourdough bread or banana bread, while others have really been throwing themselves into their gardening. I, personally, have been getting really into my writing as well as other fun arts and crafts projects.

But all our different coping strategies pale in comparison to the man in Ohio who created hilarious and creative art with the help of his best fur friends. Brian Stanley first noticed that his two dogs, Ripley and Burger King, liked to poke their heads out through a hole in the fence. This got his creativity flowing, and soon Brian got an idea to decorate the hole in the fence. And it turned out that his variety of posters we’re hilarious.

According to Bored Panda, the idea all started when he noted that his dogs were trying to dig under the fence in order to see the neighborhood. Brian decided that the best solution was to cute them a little hole in the fence so that they could easily watch all that was going on in the world. But it wasn’t until the pandemic happened that Brian got the poster idea. Back in March when the pandemic caused a lockdown, both Brian and his son were at home. They observed an increase in people walking or cycling past their home. That was the turning point and soon he came up with an idea for a dog-themed frame around the hole in the fence.

The first one that he started off with was his own take on Jaws.

Bored Panda claims that Brian explained his two dogs are both sweet, but they do have their own personalities when it comes to the hole in the fence. According to Brian, Ripley tends to bark more when she peeks her head through the fence, while Burger just wants attention from the people walking by.

When the original poster that Brian put up proved to be such a big hit with the neighborhood, Brian continued creating posters, such as one with a Pacman theme.

Bored Panda claims his attention-seeking Brian loves to run immediately to the hole as soon as he hears someone go by. And unsurprisingly, people love to see him. The fact that he has a creative poster around his fence hole just makes things even better.

Another one of the posters created was another take on the famous painting, “Girl with the Pearl Earring.”

Brian explained that he and his son were busy painting the posters all throughout lockdown. Another one that they spent a lot of time recreating in dog form was Munch’s famous, “The Scream.” The father and son duo didn’t think it would have the impact that it did, but they were happy to be able to bring people in the neighborhood some joy. As he said to Bored Panda, “My son and I have no plans to stop putting up new paintings and have enough ideas to keep doing this for years.”

People of the neighborhood will normally stop and take pictures of the dogs. Sometimes there will even be people who bring the dogs treats – something that Burger absolutely enjoys. Furthermore, he added that both he and his wife have been stopped by many people passing by who want to express how much they enjoy their fun art.

As for his favorite creation, so far Brian really enjoyed making the Pacman one, as well as the “Dog with the Bone Earring.” He explained to Bored Panda that he painted and attached individual pieces in order to make the Pacman one look more realistic, while he really worked hard to make the other one look as close to its original work.

He even created a Jurassic Park-inspired one, which he called Jurassic Bark.

The ideas that Brian has for subsequent posters are so many, he believes that he could easily continue making them for years to come. And he has plans to let his imagination carry him away and plans to continue until the ideas run out.

As for what he wants to do with his art projects, he wants to find a way to incorporate adoptable animals in his works on Instagram. Sounds like a lovely idea.

What do you think of this wall? Let us know!

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