She Gives Two Dogs One Cone. What The Dog On The Right Does Had Me In Stitches!

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Who doesn’t love ice cream? Cooper and Daisy had been such good pups that their owner brought them to the drive-through window at McDonalds for a delicious treat.

She ordered them a vanilla ice cream cone to share, but, just like human siblings, sharing is not exactly their forte. She let Daisy get some licks in, while Cooper sat there very impatiently. He went to steal some licks of his own, but his owner stopped him and made him wait, and for very good reason!

Once Daisy had enough, their owner put the cone near Cooper. Within seconds, Cooper ate the entire ice cream cone in ONE bite! Suddenly it makes so much sense as to why their owner gave Daisy a chance to eat the ice cream first without her brother interfering. Cooper eats his ice cream way too fast, and doesn’t even leave a single drop behind. That’s okay Cooper, I wouldn’t want to share my ice cream either!

Watch this adorable, yet hilarious scene in the video below:

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