This Dogs Friend Moved Away. When You See How They Keep In Touch, You’re Going To Laugh!

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Living in the 21st century is pretty sweet, I have to admit. I mean think about all of the technology we have access to that people wouldn’t have even dreamed of ten, twenty, or fifty years ago!! with everything from smartphones, Skype, SnapChat, and various other communication apps, it’s never been easier to stay in touch no matter where life takes you. Just ask these dogs!!

This hilarious pair of canines love keeping in touch when they can’t be together and what better way to check in on your best puppy pal than by using Skype?! That’s right! These two dogs can actually Skype!! Ok, so maybe their owners helped them set it up… but once they looked in the screen and saw who was on the other side, they started chatting right away! Excuse me, barking it up! Lol!! Looks like these two have lots to catch up on!

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