They Build Fences For Human’s Who Can’t Afford Them. When I Saw The Benefit These Dogs Get? WOW.

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These two dogs, named Oreo and Mama, live in Durham, North Carolina, with an older woman named Belinda. Her landlord doesn’t allow pets in the house, so Belinda, who lives alone, tried to care for them the best she could while they are kept outside. But we all know that a life outside for a dog is a horrible one.


Mama broke free from her chain one day, but animal control found the dog and brought her right back. They gave Belinda contact information for Lori Hensley, operations director for a group called The Coalition to Unchain Dogs. This organization provides free pet services to people in North Carolina who are having trouble taking care of their animals.


They came in and built a fence for Belinda and her dogs and gave the dogs straw. They said that Belinda lives without a car in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Durham and she has no easy access to a grocery store or pet care stores. Yet they are still well fed and loved. “Belinda rescued Mama and Oreo and loves them very much,” Hensley said. “She just needed a little help in caring for them.”

They vaccinated and spayed the dogs; they also now have safe enclosures to run around and play, and straw and good dog houses to keep warm. Both dogs are doing much better now and are visibly happier. “When she was chained, Oreo was very scared of people and would hardly let me touch her,” Hensley said. “Mama and Oreo are both doing great.”

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