Dogs Can’t Talk, But One Person Tried Their Best To Simulate What It Would Be Like..

Although dogs can’t talk, sometimes we have a good idea of what they would be saying if they could. Other times, we wish our pets were able to talk so they could tell us what they’re feeling. They try their best with barks and body language, but sometimes it just isn’t enough.

Giving animals a voice is what YouTube User, Petcentric is all about and they do it very well. In this video, Petcentric brings forth the conversations our furry canine friends would have while at a dog park, and it is absolutely hilarious!

Throughout the video, there are multiple conversations that are absolutely hilarious! My favorite has to be the one between the two Chihuahuas. They sit on a table discussing how they are the rulers of the dog park. Their small stature, combined with their regal voice, will definitely leave you with a good laugh

Which conversation is your favorite?

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