Professor Asked Her Students To Submit Photos Of Their Dogs Doing Classwork

Dogs have often been involved in our studies in some way or another. In fact, they were often the scapegoat for any time we didn’t complete an assignment. Of course, nobody ever believed that the dog really ate your homework, but you might have a hard time believing just how much dogs are there for us when we have some studying to do.

The conversation was started on Twitter after Legal scholar and historian at Wake Forest Law school Marie-Amélie George gave her students an unusual assignment. She wanted them to send her pictures of their dogs doing homework and the results are everything you would hope they would be.

A picture was posted by George of a dog sitting up and reading a book. It included the caption: “I ask my students to send me photos of their dogs doing classwork. It’s an under-appreciated photography genre.”

It wasn’t long before the Twitter thread was full of pictures of dogs getting involved in the studies at home. Some are looking in books, others are wearing glasses and there are others that are taking a nap to prepare for another study session.

Here are some of those pictures that you are sure to love. It all started when Marie-Amélie George gave her students an assignment to send pictures of dogs doing classwork.

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