This Video Goes Deep Into The Heart and Soul Of Dogs. I Have The CHILLS… Watch!

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A dog is definitely a [wo]man’s best friend! Like they always say, a dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself. They are loving, kind, selfless, and do what they can to make us happy. They are just part of our world, but to them, we are their whole world.

They greet us with a big smile and a wagging tail after a long, hard day. They give us lots of kisses and make the best cuddle buddies. They can tell when something is wrong, and they’re always the first ones to comfort us. They keep us company when we feel lonely, and they’re always there to listen to us vent, even if they don’t always know everything we are saying. They are our best friends for a reason! I’m sure you all can agree with this video!

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