Dogs Are Fighting A Dangerous Crime By Learning To Sniff Out Electronics

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In our digital age, a special group of canines are learning a new skill to fight crime. 10TV reports that the Franklin County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force has become the latest police task force to use electronic detection dogs.

These specially-trained dogs are able to sniff out electronic devices, such as tablets, memory cards and cell phones. Unfortunately, these items are used to distribute and store child pornography. However, when police raid the home of suspected offenders they sometimes have trouble finding the small devices or memory cards. These dogs are able to find devices hidden in all kinds of unusual ways. One officer shared a story about how one of the dogs kept alerting them to a keychain. Upon further investigation, they discovered that it was really a hidden USB drive.

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Electronic detection dogs are an important tool in the fight against this horrible crime. In fact, one of these dogs is credited with bringing down Jared Fogle, the former spokesman for Subway.

These dogs possess a very special skill. They are able to locate items as small as the tip of your pinky finger. This means they are capable of saving thousands of victims.

You can learn more about this digital age detection animals on the official training website,

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