This 19-Year-Old Dog Lifts Her Head Back To Sneeze. The Sound That Comes Out, OMG!

Logan Lemmon’s 19-year-old Rat Terrier, Maggie, woke him up with a sneezing fit. Luckily for us, he got most of it on camera. Lemmon held her to keep her from hitting her head on the floor with each sneeze.

When she opens her mouth and lets one out, I bet it’s nothing like you expected! I’ve never heard a dog sneeze like this before, but according to Lemmon, Maggie’s sneezes have always been like this.

Lemmon says his secrets to Maggie’s long life has been low stress, exercise, good food, and luck. He said Maggie has had a “very stable little life with lots of love.” … and adorable sneezes!

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