These Dogs See A Magic Trick For The First Time. But, What Happens At 1:12 Is The REAL Magic…

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As humans, we are all familiar with the idea of magic. You know, “abracadabra,” pulling bunnies out of hats, and all those kind of things. One second something is there and then the next it’s not by some slip or trick of the hand we failed to catch. However, our favorite furry friends aren’t as familiar with the concept, like these hilariously confused canines.

A magician gives these dogs a taste of the magic world by levitating a hot dog right in front of their furry little faces. How do you think the dogs will react to seeing one of their favorite snacks floating in front of them by the hands of this human?? I guarantee you won’t be able to predict some of these hilarious reactions!! Some of the pups are too afraid to function because this human just pulled out some skills they’ve never seen before, while others don’t bother with the magic side of things and simply jump up and grab the floating treat! My pup would definitely fall in the latter category. Lol! What about yours??

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