Two Dogs Are “Stranded” On A Canoe. Now Watch The Black Lab!

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According to their owner, these three dogs grew up on the river from the time they were just a couple of months old. Robbie, the black lab and hero in this video, had super strong legs and would swim an entire 11-mile float trip. He began to retrieve their canoe out of the water every time it drifted into the river. When he was trying to get the canoe, the other two dogs would jump into it, and it became a game to them.

Watch as Robbie swims into the water to pull the canoe to shore. Rusty, the Redbone, also knows how to retrieve the canoe, which is why he knows to get the rope to Robbie. Bullet, the brindle Mountain Cur, is bred to track squirrels, so you can hear him barking away. These dogs are so amazing and so smart!!

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