Three Dogs Were Abandoned On The Side Of A Mountain. Their Rescue Had Me Biting My Nails!

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Three dog sisters were abandoned on the side of a steep mountain, 7,600 feet above ground level. Hope For Paws, a rescue organization in California, received a call about these pups in Wrightwood, California. Rescuers in the area tried to save the dogs but were unsuccessful. So, Hope For Paws came to save the day!

First, they tried to lure the dogs closer to them with food. The smallest pup, named Ginger, came. They put a leash around her and then had to scale the side of the mountain while holding her, and climb up. After they succeeded in bringing Ginger to safety, they lowered a trap to try and get the other dogs, but it didn’t work. Shortly after, Sage was saved. After a couple of days, they finally successfully saved the third and final sister, Emma. Emma and Sage were fostered together and adopted soon after. Ginger is still waiting for her furever home. Needless to say, I am so glad that all three of these dogs were saved from such a horrible and frightening circumstance!

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