Neglected Dogs Rescued From Hoarder’s House After It’s Condemned

In a very sad hoarding case in Greenfield, Iowa, Amy Heinz and her team from the AHeinz Pet Rescue and Transport had to remove 34 neglected dogs from a home. All these poor dogs were riddled with fleas and parasites, and they were quite sick. Their fur was incredibly matted. It was such a sad sight to witness.

As Amy shared with KCCI News, all the dogs’ fur coats were badly matted. She added that many of the dogs were anemic and a good number of them needed blood transfusions. She said, “They are just in really bad shape. The fleas were unbelievable. We were all caked in fleas ourselves after going into the house.”

Amy’s team found 8 dogs who’d been living inside a dumpster just outside the home. Unfortunately, there were 12 other dogs on the property who’d been found deceased.

Amy went on to reveal that the house was being condemned by the city because of the horrific conditions that were found there. She further added that it was a very bad case of hoarding, which stemmed from a mental illness.

Amy and her team took in the living dogs and were caring for them, hoping to get them into foster homes as soon as possible. As for the homeowner, because of their cooperation with police, it doesn’t seem like charges have been filed, however, the homeowner is most likely to receive probation meaning that they could face arrest should they ever be found to have other animals in their care.

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