This Boy And A Shelter Dog Are Opening Up Wonders For Each Other

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Many people enjoy lying down, getting cozy, and snuggling up with a good book. It turns out that pets enjoy doing the same.

As part of the recent “Read Across America Day” celebration, shelter dogs and cats at the Humane Society of Missouri were treated to a Dr. Seuss story time this week. It was all part of the “Shelter Buddies Reading Program” telling their favorite Seuss stories, Cat in the Hat included.

Credit:  Humane Society of Missouri

Credit: Humane Society of Missouri

Patient pups listened on as children involved in the program get a chance to practice their reading skills in front of a non-judgmental and adorable crowd. As for the animals, they are exposed to positive social experiences that will help them when potential adopters come by their cages.

According to People Magazine, these quick reading sessions have already led to big success for the shelter. Since the Humane Society of Missouri started the program, the average shelter stay of an animal has dropped to eight days.

Credit: Humane Society of Missouri

Credit: Humane Society of Missouri

More than 900 kids have joined the Shelter Buddies Reading Program, which also gives them a chance to form positive and respectful relationships with animals. If you would like to check out some of the beautiful animals from the Humane Society of Missouri, please check out their facebook page.

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