These Brave Dogs Are Risking Their Lives Every Day To Save Elephants And Rhinos From Poaching

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Today, poaching has reached unprecedented proportions as the price of rhino horn has surpassed that of gold. About 100 elephants die every day due to poaching, and over 1,300 rhinos die every year.

As the numbers of poached rhinos and elephants rises, Ol Pejeta Conservancy is continuously looking for ways to help lower that number.

They have since formed a canine unit to help combat these poachers. The unit consists of three bloodhounds, an assault dog, and a recent addition of 10 Dutch-Malinois Shepard puppies that are used to complement the work of armed rangers within Ol Pejeta and the neighboring Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

The dogs will play a big role in saving wildlife by keeping poachers out and following and stopping those who manage to get in. The dogs are working hard and risking their lives every day to keep the elephants and rhinos safe!

Learn more about the canine unit in the video below:

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