These Dachshunds Are Playing Street Hockey. When I Saw What They Were Wearing, OMG!

You may have already seen Crusoe the Dachshund’s videos before; he happens to be quite a celebrity on social media. Well, he and his brother Oakley decided to play a game of street hockey. When you think of dogs playing street hockey, you probably picture dogs running around outside with balls in their mouths, chasing each other and just doing dog things.

Not these two! Crusoe and Oakley take hockey a bit more seriously! They are sporting their hometown teams’ jerseys, the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs, along with adorable little hockey helmets. They even have mini hockey sticks to boot! They even manage to somewhat hit the ball with the stick, but most of the time they just run around with the ball in their mouth. Is that even legal in hockey? It may be a penalty. LOL.

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