If You’ve Heard Of Humans Of New York, You’ve Gotta Watch This!

Many animal lovers will put the needs of their pets before their own. I know as a mom, I would do the same for all of my children, furry and human!

Kim set out to do a project, documenting New Yorkers with their dogs, a lot like Humans of New York. The more people (and animals) she met, the more she realized how many people struggle with keeping up with expenses. She felt it was her calling to help, and since this realization, she has helped a ton! She brings dog food to people in need, helps with vet appointments (and financial support to help pay for vet bills through the Ruff Riders program and other outlets). Kim sees that her clients’ lives are so much better because they have dogs that bring them joy and love. Isn’t that would life is all about?

Some people who feel their lives are full and complete because of their fur babies get the chance to keep them well fed and well cared for because of generous people like Kim. She’s a true hero! Isn’t this video so inspiring?

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Adam Greene may reside in West Michigan, but the majority of his time is spent providing a comfortable lap for his many animals. When not covered in cats, he is probably writing and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee.
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