Family Builds Special Chairs To Help Dogs With Medical Condition

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Megaesophagus is a condition can affect dogs, cats and horses. It enlarges the esophagus and makes it difficult for the animal to swallow properly. The debilitating condition can prevent animals from eating and cause them to regurgitate when they try to swallow food or water.

One family discovered their beloved dog, Gremlin, was affected by megaesophagus. While this condition once could be a death sentence for a dog, this family created a special chair to allow their dog to sit upright to eat. This position would allow gravity to force the food down the esophagus.

The bailey chair is saving dog’s lives around the world. Check out the footage below from The Dodo for more on Gremlin’s story.

A GoFundMe account was started to help the family create more chairs for dogs in need. The fundraising site quickly raised more than the $60,000 goal and donations are still coming in. With each chair costing anywhere from $120 to $255, any monetary donation helps the cause.

The video below shows just how life-changing these chairs are to dogs that suffer from megaesophagus.

For more information on megaesophagus and the bailey chair, visit

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