Dog Couple Gets Married, and Instagram Celebrates with Them

Wedding ceremonies are lovely to witness, especially when animals tie the knot. Animals have their own way of professing their love for one another. Television series and movies have shown various interpretations of animal love, which are warm and fuzzy — Lady and The Tramp remains iconic. Who would’ve thought that dogs could make an audience feel giddy because of their love?

A real life Lady and The Tramp just went viral on Instagram for tying the knot in an outdoor wedding. Two lovely pit bulls, Luna and Thanos, shared a wedding ceremony video on their respective Instagram accounts. Luna even wore a bridal gown, and Thanos looked dashing in his suit.

The Instagram reel was edited similarly to a wedding highlight, showing a sweet interaction between the two dogs. Luna was in a traditional white wedding gown with a crown of flowers on her head — she even had a colorful bouquet of flowers. Luna’s parents, who manage her account, explained in the caption that the wedding video was just for fun — nevertheless, Luna and Thanos were both adorable.

A different video was posted on Thanos’s account, which was a behind the scenes content. It showed the handsome dog’s entire look and a vase of full-bloomed roses. One clip also showed that there was an officiant at their wedding. Even though it was a wedding video for fun, people can find other videos of Luna and Thanos online, like the one during a movie date. The two dogs wore matching pajamas with cute little ducks. Can both of them get any cuter?

The wedding ceremony earned thousands of views and likes. There were also a lot of comments — gushing over the beautiful bride, celebrating with the couple, and tagging their friends to share the news. The pit bull couple are both sweet and intelligent dogs who provide happiness on the internet and to each other in real life. Luna is not just famous on Instagram but also on TikTok. Her family provides adorable content on social media sites, including Facebook and Youtube. Aside from Luna, there are two cats in the family named Ginger and Pepper.

To fully witness the wedding ceremony, you can watch the video below from Luna’s Youtube channel.

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