Dogs Make Emotional Gifts For The Holidays

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Whomever said that canines have no emotions is either not a dog lover, has never been a dog owner, or is emotionally tainted. Dogs have more capacity to love than even many human beings do, ranking extremely high on the pet list.

While many will argue that dogs are simply motivated by food and companionship, others will say that dogs express themselves emotionally in everything that they do. This holiday season is a really good time to give the gift of love to those in need.

Since dogs have been known to be quite therapeutic, as well as emotional, they make very good presents for people that are alone and lonely. The gift of friendship cannot be replaced just like the gift of love cannot be replaced. Dogs are also known to be very beneficial to the elderly, so the gift of a canine to an assisted living center would be wonderful. Of course, you would want to clear the gift with the center before bringing the dog inside.

Many medical and mental conditions have been improved thanks to the presence of a canine. Blood pressures have been lowered, cancers put into remission and hearts beat more normally when a dog is present in a person’s life. Unless the person is afraid of dogs, is allergic to dogs, or does not like pets around them, dogs make wonderful gifts.

If you do decide to give a dog to a friend or loved one for the holidays, take note about the changes that you will notice take place. Dogs make for very emotional gifts any time of the year, but really make perfect gifts during this season of love.

Melissa Stoneburner is a writer about canines and felines for several sources, print and online. She is also the author of A Little Hope and is working on her next novel.

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