People On Twitter Are Getting Their Dogs To Try The ‘Invisible Challenge’

Dogs are generally good sports. They put up with everything that we throw their way, including making them the subjects of viral video challenges, such as the “Invisible Challenge.” A while back, people took up the viral challenge to confuse their pets with plastic wrap that they used to cover doorways or halls in order to keep them out.

Of course, the dogs don’t always see it coming, and it was supposed to make for funny videos. And while they were hilarious the videos, they were also called “cute but cruel.” Which is totally fair, but thank goodness dogs are such good sports.

However, not all dogs were suckered into running through the plastic wrap – a good portion of them did stop to survey the perplexing barrier. The fun was just beginning as many dog owners tried to get their dogs to fall for the confusing and invisible barrier.

There were so many videos showing different reactions from dogs to this challenge, like the two pups who stopped before the plastic and then tried to figure out a way underneath.

Of course, one very intelligent Australian Shepherd easily saw through the ruse.

And nothing about the challenge seemed to phase a little wiener dog…

Neither was this corgi phased.

But the most entertaining part was watching the dogs who didn’t see the invisible barrier until too late and then went a little nuts. Plus, it’s always fun to witness dogs get outsmarted by cats – who were much more strategic about getting around the barrier.

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