We’ve Seen Dogs Skateboard Before, But This Pup’s Moves Are Insane!

Dogs skateboarding isn’t exactly a new trick. In fact, we seen plenty of skateboarding pooches. However, the dog in the video below puts all the other four-legged sidewalk surfers to shame.

He fearlessly flies across the concrete ramps. Showing off for the cameras, the dog even flips the board with his paws. It is obvious that his owner has worked with him since he was a puppy and they seem to spend a lot of time at the skate park. You have to check out this pooch in action! Your jaw will hit the floor when you watch the video below!

The video was posted to Facebook by an account named Perrito Stile. The Facebook page is filled with other videos of this skateboard-loving dog. There is even a video of the dog stealing his owner’s skateboard to get some practice in. It has had thousands of views and social media is amazed by the dog’s insane moves!

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