This Dog’s Human Went Away For A Few Days. When She Returns Home? BEST Reaction Ever.

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Our dogs are always happy to see us no matter what. Whether we were gone for ten minutes or ten hours, our fur babies are always at the door to greet us. That’s what makes them so great. You could have the most horrific day at work, and be able to come home to something that is so adorable and happy and it will automatically make you feel better. This little Schnauzer was definitely happy to see his owner!

His human was gone for only a few days, but by the way he reacts, you’d think she’s been gone for a year! She gets home and the pup comes running out and literally leaps right into her arms. His excessive tail wagging, kisses and hops are accompanied by little shrieks of happiness that are too cute to handle. His reaction is the sweetest thing I’ve ever saw. It’s very clear that this pup loves his owner so much!!

Source: Puppy gives emotional reaction to owner’s return home by Peppy_20 on Rumble

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