Two Dogs Can’t Help But Hug When Reuniting After Lockdown

I would have to say that the pandemic has affected us in more ways than we could possibly count. As humans, we often have to deal with the loneliness and isolation associated with being under quarantine. It seems as if dogs may just feel similarly.

In fact, there are two dogs that became quite close to each other after visiting in the park with their human owners. When we become friends with somebody, we miss them when we aren’t around and these two certainly missed each other when the lockdown orders occurred.

Unlike humans, the dogs had absolutely no time to prepare for the lockdown. Suddenly, the daily trips to the park stopped and they really missed the interaction with each other.

Recently, they were all able to get together at the park again and the reaction was more than our hearts could take. Fortunately, dogs don’t have to follow any social distancing guidelines so a big hug was in order.

In the video below, the dogs are getting back together after months of being the part. The owner is probably happy to see each other as well but the dogs couldn’t wait to get close again. I don’t know about you, but reunion videos always make me tear up and I’m looking for the tissues right now. You can watch the video for yourself below:

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