These Dogs Getting Pranked Will Have You Laughing Off Of Your Seat!

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We see videos all the time of humans pranking other humans. Whether it’s your family, friends, or even strangers, we all love watching pranks and think they’re funny…most of the time. But it isn’t often that we get to see dogs getting pranked. This video is a compilation of different pranks that humans did to dogs, and it will most certainly have you laughing. It’s definitely all in good fun!

The first prank is a bone sticking out of the ground that a human keeps pulling down into a hole every time a dog goes near it, leaving them very confused. The second one is a fire hydrant giving dogs a taste of their own medicine! Of course dogs always pee on them, so this fire hydrant squirts water back at them as they’re getting ready to pee on it. The next one is a stuffed dog puppet guarding a bone. Whenever the dogs get near the bone, the stuffed puppet moves and barks and most of the dogs run away. Some are brave enough to get close, while one even successfully steals the bone away. Watch the full video below to see those pranks plus a bunch more. They’re hysterical!

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