Top 10 dogs with a cause to follow on social media

Facebook and Instagram are great for staying in touch with friends and family, but you can also stay in touch with special dogs and follow their stories. Here are 10 social media celebrity dogs you should follow. Each has a unique story and supports a great cause. Be sure to follow them all!

Doggyloot Dogs with a Cause - Tuna1. TunaMeltsMyHeart

This special dog is a four year-old Chiweenie (Chihuahua Dachshund) that was rescued from a farmer’s market in LA. His awkward yet adorable appearance makes him the perfect spokes-dog for embracing everyone’s differences as well as for rescuing animals. He also provides much needed laughter and joy for all of his followers: become one on Facebook and Instagram.

Doggyloot Dogs with a Cause - Lentil2. My name is Lentil

Oh little Lentil Bean! A French Bulldog with a ton of personality, Lentil was born with a severe cleft palate, lip, and nose. His mom, Lindsay Condefer, saved Lentil by bottle feeding him every two hours, and after extensive surgery to repair his cleft palate, he is able to eat some food on his own. He is now a poster dog for children with craniofacial differences and is making a difference by encouraging acceptance and kindness. You can follow him on Facebook: be prepared for cuteness overload!

Doggyloot Dogs with a Cause - Harley3. Harley

One eye won’t keep this little Chihuahua from spreading the word about puppy mills. A puppy mill rescue himself, Harley lost his eye due to the poor conditions he endured before his rescue. That doesn’t deter his spirit though, as him and his parents advocate to stop people from buying dogs from puppy mills and are working to save even more dogs from suffering in them. Follow him on Facebook.

Doggyloot Dogs with a Cause - Bulletproof Sam4. Bulletproof Sam

Don’t let his appearance fool you: this dog is as sweet as can be. After surviving years of dog fighting, he was rescued in 2012 by the Humane Society in Pennsylvania, and found his forever home shortly after. He now lives his life full of love, treats, and kisses, and speaks out strongly against dog fighting. Find him on Facebook to see more of his story.

Doggyloot Dogs with a Cause - Dogumantry5. Dogumantry

A tale of a man named Josh and his dog, Sonny Ray, these two work to educate people about Pit Bulls: namely, that they aren’t the scary, unpredictable dogs they’re portrayed to be. Follow them on Instagram as they showcase day-to-day life with pictures and videos, and get to know the personality behind these often misunderstood dogs.

Doggyloot Dogs with a Cause - Toast6. toastmeetsworld

This adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a puppy mill rescue and speaks out against them and against purchasing dogs from pet stores. Because of poor treatment, she had to have all of her teeth removed, and, as a result, her cute pink tongue is constantly hanging out of her mouth! Makes for the best pictures, if you ask me, but see for yourself on Instagram.

Doggyloot Dogs with a Cause - Ricochet7. Surf dog Ricochet, the SURFice dog!

Most Golden Retrievers love the water, but Ricochet is obsessed! After realizing that her never-ending energy and love for water weren’t desirable traits for a traditional service dog, her mom decided to channel those two things into something positive: surfing! Ricochet is the only therapy dog on the planet that surfs with special needs kids, giving them the chance to do something they though they would never get to do. Follow her on Facebook to see more of her amazing story.

Doggyloot Dogs with a Cause - Oscar8. The Oscar Diaries

While he may be old, this little Pug has a lot of life left in him. Oscar was rescued by Pug Nation Rescue in Los Angeles after being abandoned in a cardboard box, and found his forever home shortly after. He is an advocate for senior dogs everywhere, proving that you don’t have to have a puppy to still enjoy having a dog. Like him on Facebook to keep track of his life and adventures–and be prepared for cuteness overload!

Doggyloot Dogs with a Cause - Misty9. Misty’s Journey

Misty is a former bait dog, who was abandoned in Brooklyn and found with horrific, infected wounds. She was rescued from the NYC ACC in 2013 and was adopted by her foster family. She has become a poster dog in the fight against dog fighting and other forms of animal abuse. Misty keeps paying it forward and has been responsible in helping many other abused dogs. Follow Misty’s journey on Facebook.

Doggyloot Dogs with a Cause - Teddy10. Teddy


Teddy is a spokesdog against puppy mills. Teddy was rescued from a puppy mill at age 7, and now spends his time in his forever home with fellow puppy mill survivor Gwinnie, raising awareness against puppy mills. You can follow Teddy on Facebook.

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Dogs with a cause to follow on social media

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