Emergency Crews Make A Miraculous Rescue To Save Dogs From The Rising Flood Waters In Peru

Storms in Peru have damaged over 115,000 homes, leaving thousands of humans and animals in extreme danger due to the rising waters. The Associated Press says that the flooding is believed to be the worst in almost two decades. Rescue crews have been working around the clock to save anyone who is in need of help, including those of the four-legged kind. As you can see from the video below, they are performing miraculous rescues, sending dogs over a zip-line to save them from the forceful waters.

Credit: Municipalidad de Lima/AP

Credit: Municipalidad de Lima/AP

Unfortunately for everyone, the floods are expected to continue for another two weeks. As the rescue effort continues, the rescued dogs will be placed into a local shelter and will reunite with their humans when they can return to their homes. Let’s hope each animal displaced by this horrible tragedy will be reunited with their human! If you would like to donate and help the Peru Red Cross, you can donate here.

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