Couple Refuses To Let Go Of Their Dogs During Flash Flood, Even If It Means Risking Their Own Lives

When a severe flash flood swept across the city of Joso, Japan, helicopter rescue teams immediately went out to rescue people from the waters and rooftops. Four of those victims happened to be a man and woman with a dog and a puppy. Neither would let go of the dogs, refusing to let them fall into the water and down or get swept away in the current of the flood.

While many might think your own safety is most important, think of how you would act if it was your kid on that rooftop with you. To most, our pets are part of the family. Would you let go of your child on that rooftop? I’m sure close to 100 percent of people would say no. So why let go of your pets? This man and woman did the right thing!

Thanks to their patience and bravery, as well as the rescue team, all of them were rescued and brought to safety. Watch for yourself in the video below:

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