Autism Service Dog’s Favorite Toy Gets Discontinued So The Store Sent Him The Last Box

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about a dog or a child, it is likely that they will have a favorite toy. They may carry the toy around for years and even if they have hundreds of other toys at their disposal, they will still choose that one over all others.

It seems as if a sweet dog named Marley had just such a toy, but the family got some bad news. The toy was being discontinued, but there was a silver lining to that dark cloud.

Marley is more than a family dog, he is trained as an autism service dog. He offers support to his mother, Hayley Martin, and she gives him lots of love in return. She also does what she can to show her appreciation for Marley and make her happy.

When Marley saw a beautiful strawberry toy one day, she fell in love with it. She begged her human mother for that squeaky toy, and it was a no-brainer. She had the toy and it was given to her.

It was the strawberry toy that would become Marley’s favorite toy. She played with that squeaky toy for a year and didn’t grow tired of it.

The problem was, discarding the toy when it got worn out was always a difficult decision to make. It would get tattered on the edges and had to be thrown away, but Martin would run back to the store and pick up another strawberry for Marley.

One day when she went to the store, she found out that the toy was being discontinued. It was a devastating blow because Marley loved the strawberry so much. According to The Dodo, Martin hopped online and talked about the issue and wanted people to contact her if they knew where she could get a replacement.

That is when something incredible happened. A store manager saw her post and said that she would be happy to send two strawberry toys for Marley.

When the package arrived, however, there was an entire box of strawberry toys inside!

“He didn’t know what to do! He was so gentle about it all but was so excited!” Martin told The Dodo.

Marley got busy exploring the toys one after another. He would check out the squeaker in each of them and just seem to get happier with each one.

Now, Marley is one lucky pup because he has an amazing mom and plenty of toys to last a lifetime.

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