These Two Dogs Compete With The Elf On The Shelf In A Hilarious Prank War

Elf on the shelf is a very popular craze during Christmas time. He’s an adorable little elf doll that watches children to see if they behave or not, and then he reports back to Santa Claus so he knows whether to get the kids presents or coal! Of course it’s imaginary, but many little kids believe this, and it makes the weeks leading to Christmas a lot more fun!

These two dogs, Ricochet and Rina, don’t care if they’re on Santa’s naughty list or not. They are engaged in a hilarious prank war with the elf. The dogs’ owner sets up funny scenes and takes photos of them.

In the photos, you can see the elf pulling pranks from shaving the dog to covering them to spaghetti. The dogs get back at him by putting him in a toaster, putting him in a shredder, using him as a chew toy, among many more. The pictures are hilarious! Check them out in the video below:

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