Dogs Dive Into Kiddie Pool to Raise Money

Summer doesn’t end until the dogs says so and they are not yet ready for it to be over. On September 13, dogs in Secaucus, NJ made their rejection to fall known as they dove into a kiddie pool, courtesy of the Secaucus Animal Shelter. The Secaucus’ pool is soon to be closed and the shelter took the opportunity to raise money and give dogs a chance for some last minute summer fun. Each dog owner was charged $10 for their pet to play inside the kiddie pool. Kris Conte, the manager of the shelter, said that the pool was going to be shut down anyway so why not let the dogs have at it. “We have the luxury of having a mayor that is pet friendly and he thought it would be wonderful to use the kiddie pool because they are closing it,” she said to the Jersey Journal. Secaucus mayor, Mike Gonnelli, was there as well, for the wet and wild event. He emphasized that this is how they close the pool down every year.”Instead of just draining it and prepping the pool for the winter, we let the dogs have their day in the sun,” he said. This was a great way to end summer. Don’t you think?

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