5 More Reasons Why Dogs are Cool!

Here are 5 more reasons why we think Dogs are cool! Be sure to click ‘Share’ next to this post and pass this onto a Friend!


#1: Dogs have an extra sense that can help WARN US about Natural Disasters!
This is a real video clip and this dog knew about the Earthquake before anyone else. Simply amazing!  Please click ‘SHARE’ next to this post and please pass us onto a Friend!

#2: Even though they have NO IDEA what they’re doing on the computer, they STILL try!
You must give this little guy some credit… he’s at least trying to get onto that DoggyMatch.com! πŸ™‚

#3: Much like Humans, they LOVE sleeping in BUT can sleep in whenever they want!
I would do anything to be able to sleep in everyday like this dog! Does your dog love to sleep in? ‘Comment’ below…

#4: They can tuck themselves into bed:
Let’s give this dog some SHARES! Simply amazing and this BIG Fella sure knows that he wants the blanket when it’s Bed Time.

#5: They simply LOVE helping the Escalator move to make it move quicker for us.
How cute is this little pup? We would love to know what is going through their mind and if they really feel that moving those cute legs back & forth will help the Escalator move quicker.

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