These Dogs Help Their Human Foster Different Animals. Their Newest Addition? Meet Punk.

Pikelet is thought to be an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. At around 5-6 weeks old, he was saved from a council pound on death row in poor health with deformed legs and a curved spine.


Australia’s Big Dog Rescue rescued him and put him into foster care, which wound up being his furever home.


Since then, Pikelet has been a big foster brother to many homeless rescue animals, and a voice for those dumped, abandoned, or awaiting euthanasia at pounds and shelters.


Pikelet has a sister, Patty Cakes, who was also adopted two years after Pikelet…and they make the cutest duo! You might remember seeing them be big foster siblings to rescued ducklings, or an adorable little puppy. But now they are big siblings to a new rescue: an adorable baby piglet.


The piglet, named Punk, will stay with Pikelet and Patty until she is ready for adoption. She gets bottle-fed, round the clock care, and all of the love in the world.


She absolutely loves her foster siblings, and they love her back! The three of them do everything together. Watching them makes my heart melt. You can follow them on their Facebook page.


In the video below, you can see Punk following her canine siblings everywhere. It’s the cutest thing!

Source: Rescued Mini Piglet plays at the dog park – Melts hearts! by LifeOfPikelet on Rumble

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