Owner Is Brought To Tears After Seeing What Her Dog Does After She Leaves The House Every Day

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Most of us leave our pets at home almost everyday as we go to work, run errands or other activities outside of the home. But, have you ever wondered what your beloved four-legged friend does when you aren’t there?

One couple wanted to know the answer to that very question. After setting up hidden cameras around their home, Nancy and Alex were shocked to discover what their dog did after they left for work.

The footage brought tears to Nancy’s eyes. It showed their loyal family dog, Max crying and whining at the door. The dog would literally howl for hours as he waited for his owners’ return.

Professor Daniel Mills with the University of Lincoln tried to explain Max’s behavior to Nancy and Alex. Why would Max act this way when he knew that his owners always returned? Mills says it has to with the right side of the brain that is associated with negative emotions. It was important to soothe the animal before leaving. He suggested that they bring in toys to help distract the anxious canine.

Check out the footage below from Little Things that show Nancy and Alex’s discovery of Max’s behavior.

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