When This Golden Turned 15, His Family Wanted To Make Sure He Knew Just How Much He Was Loved

When this Golden Retriever turned 15 years old, his family wanted to make sure he knew just how much he was loved. They got him a cake and sung happy birthday to him. They helped him blow out the candles. And then he was even allowed to eat some of the cake (which was safe for him to eat — no chocolate, just plain cake with strawberries). He laid down on his human while they fed him with a fork. His doggy sibling even gave him some birthday kisses!

Dogs are extremely loyal animals and they transform our life in a very special way. When their life is cut short, it is extremely heartbreaking and feels like you’re losing a family member…because you are! Our dogs are family to us, and we should cherish every year we get with them. Doing fun, special things for your pup — like celebrating his birthday by letting him eat some cake — is a great way to show them how much we love them. Watch this doggy’s birthday in the video below:

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