Calling All Dog Owners, This List Of 7 Tricks Can Easily Come In Handy!

BuzzFeed is at it again. This time they have a video consisting of 7 easy to do hacks for dog owners. And a majority of them are really interesting and I kind of want to try some out for myself! The best thing about these ‘tricks of the trade’ is that the majority of them on this list are really helpful for around the house or for your pup’s health.

YouTube- BuzzFeed

YouTube- BuzzFeed

My top three favorites of Buzzfeed’s pet hacks are as follows: the one using a squeegee to pull up pet hair from a carpet, the one that uses baking soda and a vacuum to get rid of pet stains, and the DIY flea shampoo. I think that those three are also the most useful for everyday life. For one, no matter the type of dog you have, it will shed and a vacuum can only do so much. The idea to use a squeegee or wet rubber gloves is definitely something I plan to consider trying in the future. With the pet stain remover, there are so many different kinds of pet stain removers in the market and so many different home remedies that it’s almost impossible to narrow down which ones really work. So the idea that the combination of baking soda and a vacuum cleaner being able to get rid of a stain in no time is definitely worth trying. And when it comes to the DIY flea shampoo, there are at least two benefits to it. One is that you know exactly what is going into the products you use on your pet, and the second is that it will definitely save you some money.

There are a lot of other great pet hacks that this video talks about. Some are better than others, while some I would only use if I were in the room with my pup. Overall, each hack does have ways that a pet owner can customize it to fit their needs. And hey, it never hurts to try!

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