These Well-Mannered Chocolate Labs Wait Patiently While Their Human Says Doggy Grace! Now Wait For The “Amen”…

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Some families like to say grace before their meals, whether it’s for religious purposes or just a family tradition. Saying grace requires everyone to be quiet while a person or people recite a prayer of what they’re thankful for. Of course it could be hard to wait patiently while your delicious meal is right in front of you, but these well-mannered chocolate Labrador Retrievers are extremely patient and polite while their human says grace!

What makes this video even cuter is the grace their human says. Doggy grace! He says grace as if he were one of the dog’s, thanking God for their meals, asking to help them stay out of the street and not chase cars, and to be nice to the neighbors. As soon as he says “amen,” the labs immediately dive right in! The best part, is that every time he recited a line, the dogs would lick their lips! You can tell that they were super hungry!

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