These Three Pooches Have The Time Of Their Lives At This Pet-Themed Spa!

Do you enjoy hitting up the spa? Well, what about your dog? These dogs sure seem to be enjoying their first time at a spa! Yes, you did read that right. There is a kennel in California that acts more like a resort and spa than your traditional boarding facility. This place, Paradise Ranch Pet Resort, believes that when the humans go away on their vacations, the dogs deserve their own! Humans are able to treat their furry friends to a spa day or an extended vacation. And with dog approved spa services that include everything from grooming to a massage, and cage-free living, this place really does live up to its’ name.

YouTube- BuzzFeedVideo

YouTube- BuzzFeedVideo

Thanks to some help from BuzzFeed and Subaru, these three pups, Alice, Zuzu, and Kai got to experience their first ever spa day! And boy, did they have some fun! (I’m actually seriously jealous.) Alice, Zuzu, and Kai were given the five-star treatment. They had bubbles baths, they got their coats brushed out, they had their nails done, and were even given massages. But I bet their favorite part of their entire spa experience was probably full access to five different playgrounds, including a water park, which they got to run around and play in! Honestly, these cuties looked like they enjoyed their time at Paradise Ranch and had the best day ever!

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