This Pup Really Wants The Bone Sitting Up On The Counter; But When Her Brother Walks In? Watch!

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This adorable little dog spots a bone chillin’ on the kitchen table and wants it more than anything. The only problem? The table is MUCH higher than he can reach. But he doesn’t give up. He’s very persistent and tries hopping around in different ways to get the bone, but he’s unsuccessful each time. Although the way he extends his arms up to try and grab it is the cutest thing on the planet!

After trying for a while, his doggy brother comes strolling along and sees him trying to get the bone. This dog wants the bone also, but comes up with a much more strategic plan to get it. Without hesitating, he looks at the bone, then looks at the kitchen chair in front of it and jumps right up. He grabs the bone with ease, hops down and runs away with it. What a smart pup! I hope that the other dog got a bone for the effort!

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