Best Dog Buddies Have Adorable Zoom Call

It’s been a long year for many of us and we haven’t had many chances to see our closest friends and loved ones. Many of us have been using video chats to keep in touch. That’s also true for Laika and Henri, two doggie BFFs.

The dogs have been missing each other since the pandemic started. However, they have not forgotten each other for one minute. Laika’s owner, Jeremy Howard, set up his dog with a Zoom call. On the other end was his parent’s dog and Laika’s best friend, Henri.

He shared a video of the husky and poodle mix talking over Zoom and it was too adorable. They really seem to miss each other.

Their friendship can serve as a powerful reminder for us humans, too. Even though we can’t spend as much time together with our loved ones in person, we can still put in some effort to keep the connections strong. As these dogs have proved, you do not have to talk to each other every single day to remain best buddies. The truly powerful connections will live on, regardless of how much time is spent together.

Watch the video of their Zoom reunion below:

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