Dog Watches Her Owner Eat Yogurt, But When He Turns Toward His Dog, Watch What She Does!

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is always watching you? If you have a dog, then you most likely DO have someone who’s always watching you!

My dogs follow me around everywhere I go. And if it involves food, forget it! They are attached at my hip, hoping I’ll fall in their trap with their sad puppy eyes, and give them some food!

This dog owner definitely knows the feeling. He is sitting down eating some yogurt with his dog sitting next to him. It’s clear the dog wants some of his food, but she’s too polite to beg. She stares at him while he’s eating it, but every time he stops and turns to look at her, the dog quickly looks the other way and pretends she was never watching him in the first place.

The hilarious ordeal was recorded on video and lasted a minute. It probably went on for much longer after the video ended. What a silly pup, and who could even resist that adorable face?!

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